The Food Sense Program

Parents: Here’s How To Quickly And Easily “Cure” Your Fussy Toddler’s Eating Problems… And Instantly Eliminate Annoying Food Battles From Your Home — Once And For All!

Dear Parent,

Are mealtimes a nightmare in your house?

Do you catch yourself bribing and begging your toddler to try “just one bite” of their vegetables?

Do you literally lie awake at night worrying that your child is not getting the kind of diet they need to be happy and healthy?

If so, it is very important that you take a moment to read through the information on this webpage, as it could literally solve all your child’s food problems once and for allwithin a matter of days!

How To Know If Your Child
REALLY Has A Problem…

If you’re like most parents I know who are concerned about their child’s eating, you’ve probably been told by friends and family that “they’ll grow out of it” or that you’re “worrying too much.”

They *might* be right. Some children will eventually grow out of their eating problems — and some parents DO worry too much. But there are also a LOT of children who aren’t getting the kind of diet they need to lead happy, healthy lives. Some of the most common signs that your child might be at risk include:

Your child will drink milk or juice — but seems to dislike solid foods. An all-liquid diet is fine for newborns, but the digestive systems of older children NEED a certain amount of solid foods. Keep reading to find out to wean your toddler of their milk or juice habit.
Your child regularly throws tantrums at mealtime. This is not only embarrassing for parents, but it could also be causing a negative association about food that can last a lifetime. I’ll explain how to stop this behavior almost instantly in a moment…
Your child will only eat “white foods.” White bread. White rice. Soda crackers. Cereal. (Okay, maybe I should call them “beige foods.”) But the fact is that these kinds of food are generally low in nutrients, and your child’s body NEEDS the vitamins and minerals found in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
Your child is constantly begging you for snack foods and sweet treats. When your son or daughter refuses to eat lunch, only to start pleading for cookies or potato chips 5 minutes later, you’ve got a problem. Luckily, there’s a quick fix! Keep reading to find out what it is…
Your child flatly REFUSES to try new foods. Sure, lots of kids are fussy eaters… But if your little one NEVER eats anything besides his or her 4 favorites, I’ll show you a foolproof way to introduce new, healthy foods they’ll actually try…

If any of this sounds familiar, believe me that you’re not alone.

And the good news is that there ARE some simple strategies that you can start using today to quickly solve your child’s eating problems.

Want PROOF that my fast and simple suggestions really work? I thought you might… so I’ve put together a FREE resource for you! Not only will you get a sneak peak at how my methods work, you’ll also get a step-by-step plan for dealing with one of the most common food challenges parents face!

The One-Day Sweet Tooth Solution (Free Download!)

To show you just how fast and simple the solutions to many BIG parenting problems can be, I’ve got a free gift for you…

Here’s the story: After struggling for years with my own child’s “incurable” sweet tooth, I finally teamed up with a child nutritionist and came up with a solution that works almost immediately!

When you grab your FREE copy of “The One-Day Sweet Tooth Cure,” you’ll learn:

  • How to teach your child the difference between a “treat” and a nutritious snack — and get them to actually PREFER healthy choices!
  • How one simple “tweak” will instantly eliminate begging for sweets, treats, and sugary snacks! (Warning: This will sound a little crazy the first time you read it!)
  • The surprising ways that food companies hide sugar in supposedly “healthy” foods (like whole-grain cereals!)

I should tell you that the “One-Day Sweet Tooth Cure” goes completely against conventional wisdom — so all I ask is that you read it with an open mind… and give it a try for yourself!

I think you’ll be as surprised as I was by the almost INSTANT change in your child’s approach to sweets!

(This information will NEVER be shared with anyone else. Click here for my privacy policy.)

Who Am I — And How Can I Help Your Family?

Now, I know you may be wondering who *I* am to be telling you how to solve your child’s food problems. That’s an important point, because as a parent you have a responsibility to make informed decisions about your child’s diet. And you should be careful to make sure that any advice you take is coming from people you can trust.

Dana Obleman

Dana Obleman

My name is Dana Obleman, and I am a best-selling author and recognized parenting expert, but I’m best known as an infant and child sleep specialist. I’ve appeared on national television, been a featured guest on a syndicated radio talk show, been interviewed for several major newspapers, and appeared on a number of regional television news programs.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that a lot of the parents who sought me out to solve their children’s sleep problems would often get back in touch with me to talk about issues surrounding food.

Tracy Lamerton

Tracy Lamerton

And here’s a little confession: I myself had *serious* struggles with my first son’s eating. He was a “sugar junky” and would have lived on milk and bread. He wasn’t gaining weight well, and was very small for his age.


After months of struggle and frustration, I was referred to Tracy Lamerton, a well-respected nutritionist and registered dietitian who works with babies, toddlers, and young children.

Tracy is a real “no-nonsense” type whose gentle, ‘family-centered’ approach to nutrition and diet has made a dramatic difference in the lives of hundreds of families including mine! And so you can imagine how thrilled I was when Tracy agreed to collaborate with me in creating a complete resource for parents that were having challenges with their children’s eating.

How To Have The Healthiest Kid On The Block!

Tracy and I spent the next 14 months working together closely to create a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, step-by-step program that parents like you could use to quickly and easily solve your child’s eating problems — once and for all!

We were both frustrated with the lack of REAL advice out there for people who are concerned about their children’s eating habits. I mean, it’s fine to tell us that our kids need 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day… but how the heck do you get your fussy toddler to actually eat them?


And that’s why we’ve spent SO much time developing a complete resource that literally tells your everything you need to know about turning your fussy toddler into a happy, healthy child who really enjoys nutritious food. It’s called “The Food Sense Program: How To Quickly And Easily Eliminate Food Battles With Your Child — And Get Them To Actually Enjoy Eating” and here’s how it works…

Straight Answers To Your Important Questions

“The Food Sense Program” was created with the busy life of today’s parents in mind. I wanted to make sure that all the information you needed was presented in a clear, easy-to-follow way that would allow you to make real improvements in your child’s eating habits starting immediately.

You’ll discover:

How to stop food battles with your toddler once and for all. (It has almost nothing to do with food, and everything to do with table manners. I’ll show you the secret to ending meal-related power struggles in Chapter 1.)
How to know exactly how much food your little one needs to be healthy. (Many parents are, frankly, STUNNED when they read the facts on page 25…)
The truth about why threats and punishments should *never* be used to deal with a picky eater… and what to do instead. And surprisingly, it has nothing to do with rewarding them for “good” eating, either!
The alarming truth about fruit juices. Even 100% pure fruit juice with no added sugar should be limited to very small servings just once per day.
The TWO critical decisions about ALL food that you MUST leave up to your child. (And the two decisions that the parent should ALWAYS make. See Chapter 3.)
The “comfort food” dilemma. Did you know that the sensations of hunger and anxiety are very similar? This is why what you give your child when they’re sick, sad, or hurt can lead to serious food problems in later life.
How the “Just One Bite” rule could be destroying your child’s relationship with food. If you’re rewarding your toddler with ice cream every time they eat their broccoli, you should stop immediately. See page 40 for more on why…

… and much, much more!

How To Stop Worrying And
Start Enjoying Mealtimes Again:

Parents like you have been thrilled with the results of “The Food Sense Program” because it almost instantly eliminates stress and worry surrounding your child’s eating. The most important way it does this is by shifting the responsibility for making healthy eating choices away from YOU and onto your child — where it should be!

It sounds crazy, right? A toddler making intelligent, healthy decisions about their own diets? Well, here’s where the “magic” comes in… When you follow “The Food Sense Program”, it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE for your child to make bad choices! There’s no chance to fail!

Just listen to what Tammy Lyon of Vancouver, Canada had to say:

Letter From Tammy L.

Now, I’m not going to promise you that your child will be happily eating broccoli by this time tomorrow. Some of the strategies in this program DO take some time. But it also contains a TON of “quick fixes” that really do start to work right away, like:

An easy “food presentation” trick that can often eliminate dinner battles once and for all. See page 30. It may sound too good to be true, but it really, really works!
The simple rule that can erase your child’s candy cravings. And if you’re willing to follow it, you can cure your own sweet tooth, too! Check it out on page 45…
Why you should never sneak “healthy” foods into your child’s favorite meals. Those of you who have tried putting peas into grilled cheese sandwiches know who you are 😉 I’ll show you the trick to get your toddler willingly eating their veggies…
How to put an end to the “dessert debate.” If your child will ONLY eat their meal if they are promised ice cream or cake afterwards, you’ll want to pay special attention to page 29.

…and much, much more!

No-Nonsense System Means
You See FAST Results!

If you’re serious about solving your child’s eating problems, you may have already purchased a book or two from your local bookstore. (There are plenty to choose from and I’ve read just about all of them!)

And if you’ve taken the time to read through any of these books, you’ve probably discovered that they’re full of:

and very little “real world” advice for BUSY parents like us!

That’s why “The Food Sense Program” is so much more than just a book. It’s a complete system that’s been tested by REAL families — and REAL kids like yours have proven that it works… guaranteed!

And the best part is that you can get it all for a small fraction of the $300 it would cost to meet with me in person… and less than the $140 you’d pay JUST for an initial consultation with Tracy Lamerton or another professional nutritionist… and even less than what you might pay to take your family out for a dinner — that your kids might or might not eat!

In fact, the total cost of “The Food Sense Program” is just $44.

PLUS — for a limited time, I’m giving every parent who claims their copy today a TON of exciting bonus products that give you absolutely EVERYTHING you need to fix your child’s eating problems — at NO COST!

You get:

BONUS #1: The “Food Sense”
Kid-Tested Recipe Guide
(Value: $17 — Yours FREE!)

One of the easiest ways you can get your fussy toddler to start eating and enjoying healthy food is to serve food that they actually like!

And these days, competing with all the fatty and sugar-filled fast food that are SO appealing to children can be a real challenge for busy parents.

Kids Recipe GuideThat’s why I’m including this 52-page recipe guide that is packed full of delicious AND nutritious meals…
most of which take only minutes to prepare! And the best part is that ALL the recipes in this book are proven favorites with even the fussiest of eaters!

You’ll get dozens of easy-to-prepare recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, you get a ton of simple and healthy snack ideas, too!

The “Food Sense” Kid-Tested Recipe Guide is valued at $17, but is yours FREE for a limited time!


BONUS #2: The “Food Sense Program”
Success Guide And Resource Book
(Value: $27 — Yours FREE!)

Because “The Food Sense Program” was designed to be a COMPLETE system for you and your family, I’m also including this comprehensive, 20-page bonus guide which includes absolutely everything you need to guarantee your child’s success. You’ll get:

  • a “food favorites” resource so that you can see exactly what your child does and does not currently eat.

Food Sense Success Guide

  • a “food contract” for you and your child to look at at sign together. (This may sound silly, but it’s actually CRITICAL to your success!)
  • a complete “food log” that you and your child can fill out after meals. This gives your child a sense of pride — and gives parents a real way to measure their child’s progress.

… and much more, too!

The Success Guide and Resource Book is a $27 value , but yours FREE for a limited time!


BONUS #3: “The Food Sense Program”
Fun With Food Activity Book
(Value: $12 — Yours FREE!)

One of the best ways to deal with children and food problems is to make food and healthy eating FUN!

Food Sense "Fun With Food" GuideHowever, it’s important that you don’t confuse “fun” with games that force your child to eat things they don’t really want. (All you ‘open the hanger, here comes the airplane’ parents know who you are!)

So, for a limited time, I’m including this “Fun With Food Activity Book” at no extra charge. It contains great ideas for kids of all ages, including:

  • simple food-based games for your toddler.
  • a great “food art” project for your pre-schooler.
  • fun food contests for your school-aged child.

… and much more!

Remember, this $12 value is your FREE when you claim your copy of “The Food Sense Program” today!

These three bonuses (valued at well over $50 but yours FREE) are available for a limited time only. And please note that they are ONLY available as part of “The Food Sense Program” and are available when you order from this website ONLY!

Zero-Risk Offer Means “It Works Or It’s Free!”

Now listen: You’ve heard me say that I guarantee this program to work for you and your family. And yes, I realize that’s a very bold statement. After all, I don’t know you or your child personally… so how could I possibly make such a claim, right?

Well, the truth is that — even though “The Food Sense Program” has proven itself with an extremely high success rate — there is always the chance that it won’t be right for your family.

And that’s why I’m going to remove all the risk for you!


Here’s how to get INSTANT access:

The Food Sense ProgramIf your child is struggling with food and eating, you’ll be glad to know that these problems CAN be solved — quickly, easily, and all while getting your child to actually ENJOY healthy meals.

Just picture in your mind what it will be like sitting down to a family dinner by this time next week with no fuss… no tantrums… and everyone happily eating a nutritious, satisfying meal!

And the best part is that you can get started immediately! To get instant access to “The Food Sense Program” — including the three bonuses valued at $54 but yours FREE — just click on the button below:

Remember, everything is delivered electronically, so there’s no waiting. You’ll have complete access — instantly!

Oh, and don’t forget that we’re real people! You can contact us anytime by e-mail ( or by telephone at (888) 843-6945.


Dana Obleman, B.A. (Psych.), B. Ed.
Creator of “The Food Sense Program”

P.S. I know you probably found your way to this website because you were searching for information on how to deal with your fussy eater. But there’s something else even more important I want you to think about…

Children today are bombarded with non-stop ads for junk foods and sugary soda that are contributing to skyrocketing levels of childhood obesity and diabetes. Serious eating disorders like anorexia and bulimia are also on the rise — starting in children as young as 6 years old!

That’s why creating a healthy relationship with food at a young age is SO important. And that’s why — from one parent to another — I strongly encourage you to take positive action to address your child’s eating problems… especially since it can be so easy to do!

Click here to order “The Food Sense Program ” on our secure ordering page!


Hi Dana,

I wanted to say "Thanks" and give you some feedback on 'The Food Sense Program.'

We were having issues with our son William at dinner time. He kept wanting to get down and not eating anything, then wanting something 10 minutes later. It was very annoying, and it was like a circus around the table. We started following the advice in the Food Sense program, and what a difference it has made!

After just a few nights we are all having nice dinners together most of the time. No bribing, begging and whining. When he gets down we calmly tell him dinner is over. He can decide to play upstairs in his room or sit with us. In fact, the second morning of the program he said .. "Mommy, I'm hungry because I got down and didn't eat enough." Again, what a difference! You book gave me the confidence and the concrete tools to be make the changes that needed to be made.

Tammy Lyon (& son William)


Ms. Obleman,

When I first found your website, my daughters were driving me crazy with their constant food demands. I felt like I was a short order cook in my own home. I would have to make TWO different breakfasts and dinners every day, since they didn't like to eat the same things.

When I put their meals in front of them, they would sulk and pick away at their plates and tell me that they "didn't like this food." And then 10 minutes after they got up from the table they would start begging for yogurt and crackers!

A friend told me about your website, and after following just a few of the things you say, I'm thrilled to report that Hannah and Chloe are like two new children... There is no more whining for treats all day long, and mealtimes are actually a civilized time... or as civilized as meals can be with a 2 and 5 year old.

Thanks again!


Hi Dana,

Thanks for your insight and information regarding my son's diet and eating habits. Within 6 months he did a complete 180 with regards to trying food and eating the whole meal. You hit it on the head with the rationing of milk... he used to fill up with Milk and not eat... now he can enjoy a meal with a whole glass of milk. That means the whole family can enjoy mealtime... he is currently 6yrs old and willing to try everything now... whew, long way from only eating waffles.

Scott S.


Hi Dana,

My daughter Jasmine (now 20 months old) has most certainly a much improved attitude to food.

Since reading your programme I have relaxed about mealtimes, we increased the number of family mealtimes which really helped.

Jasmine will now try most foods, and if she doesn't like it she hands it back or leaves it without a fuss.

No more battlegrounds at tea time for us.

She still is not a big fan of vegetables but absolutely loves all fruit, I keep putting a little veg on her plate with other fods that she likes and sometimes she will leave it and other times she will try again.

She has a much more varied diet, and I have found that sticking to a routine and not giving loads of choices has helped immensly.

She has responded really well and if she asks for 'yum yum' (her word for food) outside of the snack time or meal time, I tell her she needs to wait for snack time or lunch and she says 'okay'.

At 18 months I took my daughter to be weighed and was delighted to find that she was slap bang on the 'average' 50th centile line, from always being around the 25th centile.

Jasmine is a happy healthy wonderful little girl and life is so much improved since following some of the advise in your programme.

Thank you.

Nicola Andrews


Hi Dana,

My son Joshua was always fussy right from a baby and when he was two years of age he only would eat 4 different meals at dinner time and even those meals that he did like he would sometime not eat them. After reading your book I did your plan and on the first night he was waiting for me to get angry with him for not eating but I said nothing to him about eating his dinner and he started trying the meal on his own, and after that each meal got better and better. He eats every meal I put in front of him now.

Thank you very much for all your help.


Katrina Patton


Hi Dana,

We have noticed a big improvement in our dinner time. She generally eats what we eat, and even though it may take some patience on our parts, eventually, she does eat.

I still think she knows deep down that she can control what she eats while at the table, but she also knows that we control all food away from the table. In other words, eat at the table or no snacks, etc. It just took stamina on our part and the gut-check for me as mom not to respond to her crying and fits.

Thanks for checking in,

Jill C.
Omaha, NE


Hi Dana,

I have one word for you: salmon! Last week, my son ate salmon and
steamed broccoli. Your program has been a success in two ways. It has
helped my son be more willing to try new things and it has brought an
end to mealtime stress. Thanks for the good advice!

Kimberly Grisanti


Hi Dana

I read the program cover to cover, highlighted the bits I thought would work and set to it!

The main things that worked for me:

1. Letting my daughter pick her own meal. Yes, there are lots more bowls and plates to wash if we put it all on the table and help ourselves, but she fully understands that she is in control of how much goes on her plate and how much she can eat - more dishes = less stress!

2. Letting her have 1 treat per day and then once that has gone that is it. She soon got a grip on this and stopped asking for a biscuit as soon as she got up because she learned there were no more treats after that.

3. The main thing that sticks with me from the whole programe - my job ends when the food reaches the plate - it is her job to control how much she eats and whether she is full/not full. If not, she goes hungry until the next meal.

All in all, mealtimes are much less stressful, she enjoys her food, willingly tries new things, eats until she is full and knows that when she gets down from the table there is nothing else until her next meal. She is now 4 and in Reception class at school. She takes a packed lunch with a good healthy range of food and brings her packed lunch bag home empty everyday!

Thank you for providing one less stress in my life!!

Jo Cunliffe


Hi Dana,

I just wanted to let you know that your book helped A LOT.

I realized, through your book, that the issue was me and not my son. That his eating habits were perfectly normal and I was stressing for nothing. I was expecting him to eat as much as an older child should. Now that I have eased up, breakfast lunch and dinner are usually without incident.

Thank you for your help.

Candy Lampropoulos


Dear Dana,

Being in a happy place with food and mealtimes now I realise that i haven't actually read the book I purchased from you for such a long time.

I have just gone over it again to refresh my memory and I realised how far the three of us have actually come, my husband, my child and myself. Actually, in all honesty it's how far my husband and myself have come. We both feel so far removed from how we were a year or more ago. I can't really remember how long ago our awful mealtimes were, they really do feel so far
in the past.

The one statement which started to ease the pressure we had created at mealtimes was 'as a parent our job is to put a healthy meal in front of our child and it is his job to choose whether or not he was going to eat it'. This seemed to be the one main piece of advice that changed our mealtimes around from being upsetting and unhappy to relaxed and normal. I no longer feel so angry, I get annoyed very, very rarely and I know it is because I don't feel so guilty, I don't feel like the worst parent possible, I don't feel like i'm failing. How ridiculous that sitting down to a meal could affect so much.

Little things like having a treat box and allowing my son to choose 1 treat per day at any time gave him some much needed control. Although he doesn't have that anymore it seems to have taught him that treaty food isn't the stuff which is going to make him healthy so he'll opt for sticks of cucumber or carrot these days and be just as happy.

He can now confidently tells us he's had enough of his meal and not look at us like we are going to blow our tops at him. He'll simply say he's had enough and he knows whether he's done enough to have a dessert or not. He often opts for a bowl of fruit for dessert. Quite often though the bowl of fruit is incorporated into the meal, which he loves. We have realised he is very much a 'banquet' or 'buffet' eater, i.e. he prefers to have a meal consisting of lots of choice so we oblige by making sure that a few meals a week are of this type. We have found a good range of meals to allow this.

I don't overphase him with a plateful of food, I remember that his tiny tummy will only hold a fraction of what I eat and I put out smaller amounts.

He lets me know if I haven't put enough out by asking for more or by helping himself from the dishes on the table (I don't think it ever happened before!)

I think I could go on with so many positives, I literally have a huge list. Your advice really has changed so much, life is easier, happier. My son is incredibly energetic, happy and enjoying his food and importantly is happy at mealtimes. I am enjoying mealtimes, my husband is enjoying mealtimes. We love going for meals out, we are so proud of how our son behaves in restuarants and how willing he is to try out foods. He loves the praise he gets at mealtimes and praising him is so easy now.

There are occasions where my son will sit down and after saying he is hungry for some time prior to mealtime will then be unable to eat anything. I stop at this point and think what has caused that reaction, sneaky snacks, too much on his plate, a meal he doesn't really enjoy or illness (very rarely illness). We deal with things so much better now, I actually feel like a proper adult, a proper mother.

I have recommended your book to so many people I only hope they have taken my advice and purchased it.

Again thank you so much for making so much sense,

Therese Lee



Thank you! We have had great success. Dinner time is no longer a power struggle, my children eat if they want or not and I have stopped stressing about it.

Much to my pleasure they are trying new foods and discussing what they like and don't. Meal times have become an enjoyable time together, the children contribute and make decisions for themselves which I have learnt to value.

It certainly isn't perfect... we still have a few two year old tantrums! The difference is I deal with the situation in a more positive manner thanks to your guidance. I highly recommend your program.

Kindest regards,

Mandy Eilbeck



Dear Dana,

I just want to say, the book has been fantastic, my little boy is now wanting to eat more vegies and enjoying them!

I told him “If you eat your veggies and try little things at a time, you will be able to see in the dark.” The funny thing to all this is that it actually works! When we go to bed a night time he says “Mummy, I really can see in the dark now because I eat my veggies!”

So, thank you! It has been going well at the dinner table, and he now even asks for more! Just thought I would share this as it really has made a difference.

Thank you,

Deidre Peeters



Your Food Sense Program was extremely helpful to us. We have a 3 1/2 year old son and our main concern was that he wasn’t eating enough. He didn’t seem motivated to eat on his own so we continued to feed him well past the age when he could feed himself. We even resorted to putting in a DVD while he ate so that we could just “cram it in”. Horrible, I know.

However, after reading the Food Sense Program, we realized that when he got hungry enough he would feed himself. Lo andbehold, he did!

Food Sense alleviated many of my worries about the way a toddler eats. I understand now that they eat in cycles and as long as they get the basic requirements from most of the food groups most days of the week, they’ll be fine. My son is certainly not malnourished, nor is he overweight. His appetite waxes and wanes and we are fine with that. We offer new foods at least once a week, but are not frustrated if he doesn’t gobble them up. Food Sense helped me to relax when it comes to feeding my son and I have found that to be the most important piece of the program for me.

Even though I purchased the program many months ago, I still refer to it regularly for suggestions, refreshers, and ideas. We have found your advice with the Food Sense and the Sleep Sense programs to be sound, reasonable, and achievable. Thanks for all your hard work!


Carol, Mark & Josiah