The Food Sense Program

Kid-Tested Recipes

A big part of getting your child to enjoy meals is finding recipes that they can really get excited about! But it’s also important that recipes be simple enough to “throw together” after a busy day.

That’s why I’ve created this free recipe resource for parents. Please feel free to browse through the recipes below — and if you have any favorites that YOUR child loves that you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. Just send an email to I’ll post new recipes every month!

Breakfast Recipes

Peanut Butter and Jam Waffle Sandwiches

Crispy French Toast

Fried Egg Sandwich

Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

Painted Toast

Family Breakfast Burritos

Eggs in a “Nest”

Blueberry Scones

Morning Fruit Salad

Breakfast Casserole

Soldier Solution

Lunch Recipes

PBJ Tortilla roll

Tropical Grilled Cheese

Veggie Dogs in a Blanket

Cold Pasta Salad

Roast Beef and Cream Cheese Pita

Stick-y Sandwiches

Butterfly Lunch Salad

Quick and Easy Chicken Dippers

Alphabet Soup

Sandwich in a Sea Shell

Dinner Recipes

Yummy Turkey Burgers

Cheesy Beef Enchiladas

Hawaiian Chicken

Tortellini Bake

Macaroni and “Trees”

Broccoli Pasta Sauce

Mini Meatball Hot Dogs

Chicken Soft Tacos

Baked Ravioli Casserole

Carrot Fries

Quick Veggie and Cheese Fondue

Tortilla Lasagna

Healthy Snacks

Banana Bars

Pizza Pinwheels

“Ants on a Log” Celery Snacks

Sesame Cheese Sticks

Ham and Melon Kebabs

Apple sauce frozen fruit surprises

“Milkshake” Smoothies

Apple Cinnamon Shake-ups

Healthy Un-Ice Cream Sandwiches

Banana Popsicles


Hi Dana,

I wanted to say "Thanks" and give you some feedback on 'The Food Sense Program.'

We were having issues with our son William at dinner time. He kept wanting to get down and not eating anything, then wanting something 10 minutes later. It was very annoying, and it was like a circus around the table. We started following the advice in the Food Sense program, and what a difference it has made!

After just a few nights we are all having nice dinners together most of the time. No bribing, begging and whining. When he gets down we calmly tell him dinner is over. He can decide to play upstairs in his room or sit with us. In fact, the second morning of the program he said .. "Mommy, I'm hungry because I got down and didn't eat enough." Again, what a difference! You book gave me the confidence and the concrete tools to be make the changes that needed to be made.

Tammy Lyon (& son William)


Ms. Obleman,

When I first found your website, my daughters were driving me crazy with their constant food demands. I felt like I was a short order cook in my own home. I would have to make TWO different breakfasts and dinners every day, since they didn't like to eat the same things.

When I put their meals in front of them, they would sulk and pick away at their plates and tell me that they "didn't like this food." And then 10 minutes after they got up from the table they would start begging for yogurt and crackers!

A friend told me about your website, and after following just a few of the things you say, I'm thrilled to report that Hannah and Chloe are like two new children... There is no more whining for treats all day long, and mealtimes are actually a civilized time... or as civilized as meals can be with a 2 and 5 year old.

Thanks again!